Caution on Using ELD Records for IRP & IFTA

As of late this year, most motor carrier drivers will be obliged under Federal Regulations to keep their hours-of-service records by means of electronic logging devices. The rules require the ELD systems to use GPS to track a driver’s travels, within limits, and to create records that include periodic location and time information.

Many carriers will doubtless want to use the new ELDs to produce records to back up their IRP and IFTA reports. WELL BE CAREFUL.

Both IRP and IFTA records require specifying where a truck goes, and do accept electronic records, BUT: (1) those records are required to be much more precise than those required for hours-of-service, and (2) while HOS records, like paper logs, must be kept for only 6 months, IRP and IFTA records must retained by a carrier for up to 5 and a half years.

The U.S. DOT will not require that ELDs be able to create acceptable records for registration and tax reporting, and it’s to be feared that ELD providers may not be aware, or in some instances care very much, whether their ELDs will do the job for IRP and IFTA.

It is up to the carrier, if it’s going to use an ELD to create records for IRP and IFTA, to ensure that the device it uses is up to the job.

SOURCE: ATA State Laws Newsletter 4/7/17