TMHA is Growing and is Welcoming New Members!

Membership Types

Motor Carrier Members
Motor Carrier members specialize in the transportation of machinery, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and related products, utilizing any of flatbed, step-deck, double-drop, and RGN-type equipment, within the United States and to and from Canada and Mexico.  Prospective new members are encouraged to visit one of our meetings … as our Guest, free of charge … to see what our meetings and organization have to offer.  Past experience tells us, if you attend one of our meetings, you’ll want to become a member!  Please contact us for meeting and organization information, or simply click on the “Meetings” tab on this website.

Allied Members
Allied members partner with The Machinery Haulers Association by providing support to the Association and its members.  Allied members provide a wide variety of needed products and services to the motor carrier industry and are quality professionals in their fields.

Who and What is The Machinery Haulers Association?

TMHA is a non-profit association of open-deck, machinery-transporting, commercial motor carriers serving shippers of primarily machinery and machinery-related commodities utilizing any of flatbed, step deck, lowboy double drop, and RGN-type equipment. TMHA conducts three general meetings per year in an informal, round-table atmosphere conducive to free and open communication, idea sharing and problem solving.  TMHA invites you to come in and take a look around.  Whether you are a motor carrier, a supplier to the industry, or just have a general interest, we invite you to take a look at what The Machinery Haulers Association has to offer.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about TMHA

Q: What is TMHA?  A: TMHA is a non-profit, incorporated organization, the members of which are commercial motor carriers that transport primarily machinery and machinery-related commodities utilizing any of flatbed, step-deck, lowboy, and RGN-type equipment.

Q: What is the purpose of TMHA?  A: To further the interests of its members by offering them a professional and business-like, yet informal and friendly, forum to discuss issues of importance that may affect or are affecting the trucking industry and in particular the Association’s members.

Q: What makes TMHA unique and unlike other associations?  A: One of the factors that makes TMHA unique is its size.  TMHA is large enough to attract some of the larger carriers, but still small enough to provide an informal and friendly atmosphere for the free and open exchange of information and ideas.  Large association meetings can be intimidating and people are often afraid to speak up, but that’s not the case at a TMHA meeting.  Every carrier, regardless of size, has an equal opportunity to ask questions and to share their views.

Q: What is TMHA’s policy with regard to anti-trust regulation compliance?  A:  You can learn more about TMHA’s policy elsewhere on this website, but prospective members can rest assured that TMHA is extremely sensitive regarding the importance of full compliance with the anti-trust regulations and has a very strict policy regarding conduct of members at its meetings which are discussed, as a reminder, at the outset of every meeting.  TMHA and its members believe in and practice the conducting of all areas of Association business and discussions professionally and in full compliance with the law at all times.

Q: Does TMHA compete with the large trade associations concerning member benefits and programs?  A: No.  TMHA does not hold itself out to offer or provide the same programs and member services that are provided by those organizations.  Remember, other organizations typically, in addition to membership dues, charge sometimes handsome fees to attend meetings and to participate in seminars, webinars, etc.  The meeting registration fee for TMHA meetings is extremely reasonable, yet TMHA provides speakers and programs that are every bit as good as any you’ll find anywhere!  TMHA is a smaller, less formal organization that gives its members the opportunity to interact in a more relaxed setting and share ideas, concerns, and solutions regarding problems and issues, obstacles, and opportunities that are presenting themselves to our industry at any given time.

Q: How might my company benefit from joining TMHA?  A: TMHA gives its members the opportunity to meet and discuss any multitude of issues that are important to them.  TMHA presents speakers and programs that are second to none.  Discussions and presentations run the gamut from DOT officers explaining the tie-down and securement regulations and how a DOT vehicle inspection is conducted, to having an attorney explain the pitfalls and dangers often contained in contracts and what to watch for, to having all-star panel discussions of cutting-edge technology, to having top government regulatory and enforcement personnel explain what’s coming in the future.  TMHA members also feel the networking opportunities and ability to discuss common problems with one’s peers in the industry are of great value.

Q: Where does TMHA meet and how often?  A:  There are two regular member meetings per year.  Typically, they are held in the early spring and late summer.  The spring meeting location rotates between several different locations while the summer meeting is held in southeastern Wisconsin as the locations are either central to our members or are travel-accessible to most of our members.

Q:  How much does membership cost?  A: Motor Carrier dues are based on the number of over-the-road tractors the Carrier has reported to FMCSA and as is shown on the FMCSA website.  Allied members pay a flat fee.  Special introductory offers are made available to new members, from time to time, but TMHA membership dues are always reasonable in comparison to those charged by other similar organizations.  Contact TMHA’s office to find out if any special offers are available!  

Q: How does my company join TMHA?  A: It’s easy!  Simply complete the membership application on this very website and click on Send.  Once we have your completed application and dues for your first 12-months of membership, you’ll be a member in good standing.

We hope this brief FAQ section has been informative and helpful and has answered most of your questions concerning TMHA and we hope you will want to become a TMHA member very soon.  New, quality members, such as your company, will strengthen the organization and will allow us to offer even more benefits to our members!  

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 319-214-7323 or at [email protected]